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27 May., 2021 12:36

5 advantages of Partizan mobile application that competitors do not have

Partizan Security
Video surveillance 5 advantages of Partizan mobile application that competitors do not have

Partizan software is always the most convenient, efficient and revolutionary in many ways. It is not surprising that Partizan video surveillance application won in its category at one of the most significant specialized international exhibitions.

 We are talking about Adria Security Summit 2019. Since then, “Best Mobile CCTV App of the Year” has become even better. Constant updates have driven it almost to perfection. Every day, Partizan’s development is used by hundreds of thousands of customers all over the planet. What is the reason for such success?

 Advantage №1: European approach

 It is not like in China. Hikvision and Dahua’s product certainly deserves every respect. However, these “Asian tigers” have their own special way of doing business. The differences are seen in everything starting from software design, usability, and ending with commercial ideology.

 Partizan is 100% private, unlike the government-funded Chinese giants. They are constantly asked questions about data privacy and inviolability, excessive politicization of business.

 At Partizan everything is transparent. The company focuses on customer joy, so it is interested in users “voting” for the product with their money. Also, huge companies are always aiming for huge projects. Partizan’s goal is small and medium-sized businesses, which means that the relationship with the client is more friendly.

 Advantage №2: user-friendly screens

 Partizan mobile application allows you to combine different IP CCTV cameras and even CCTV cameras connected to different recorders on one screen.

 If you have just one CCTV camera, this function may not seem too much in demand. However, let’s imagine such an example: a user has an office, a warehouse, a reception, and several ССTV cameras are installed in each room. This is where Partizan solutions will show themselves in all their glory.

 Camera “sets” on one screen can be different. For example – all cameras above the entrances. And a few more from the corridor. And a couple from the street. It is easy to add cameras to the screen, the interface of the application is quite clear. You can create as many screens as you like, without restrictions.

 Advantage №3: Live video, Archive, Event gallery

 Usually, in mobile video surveillance applications, you need to switch between the archive and live video tabs. Partizan decided otherwise. By rewinding the timeline to the very right position, the user watches a live video. Having rewound to the left – it goes into the archive. Simple and convenient.

 But the main and completely new feature is Event Gallery. There you can immediately see snapshots of the moments when the alarm was triggered. For example, motion detection. That means, now there is no need to search for alarm events on the timeline, they are visible immediately. With the same simplicity, the function of switching between the recording in the Cloud and the archive of the recorder has been solved. Just click on the cloud icon at the top.

 Advantage №4: Easy access

 To provide remote access to video surveillance devices, the user does not need to port, connect, or configure anything every time. There are three ways to do it in the Partizan mobile app:

  • Using a QR code (convenient for those who do not use Partizan Cloud)
  • Via E-mail (a good solution for Cloud users)
  • Using Cloud Link (one of the most recent Partizan developments, so it’s worth telling about it in detail)

 So, Cloud Link is a special link from which you can add Partizan CCTV cameras to any software. These can be third-party mobile apps, monitoring centers, websites or even a VLC media player.

 At the same time, Cloud Link does not need a static IP address at the facility where Partizan equipment is installed. Video data transmission is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. Only those who know the unique security code have access to it.

 Revoking access is as easy as granting it. It is enough to refresh security code and the previous links will become inactive. It is very convenient when you need, for example, to give your friends access to the video for the time of your absence.

 Advantage № 5: speed

 It will take about (!!!) half a second to transfer and download a video from one CCTV camera in Partizan mobile application. 6 CCTV cameras connected to one video recorder will be active on the screen after 2-3 seconds. To connect to a 16-channel NVR and get all pictures from a CCTV camera will take 5-6 seconds. It’s really fast.

 What else?

 It goes without saying that these five advantages are not all the strengths of Partizan mobile application. It is constantly developing, getting better, new functions and additional features appear in it.

 In particular, the application can control not only video surveillance systems, but also intercoms, c palling panels and even Partizan smart relays. You can take snapshots of archived and live video in original resolution. You can control PTZ CCTV camera mechanism, adjust the sound volume, use two-way communication and download selected fragments of the video archive to your phone.

 Companies that work in the sphere of installing video surveillance systems have the opportunity to create their own “business card” with the logo and contacts right inside Partizan mobile application. It will be visible in “Contacts” section of the end user.

 Partizan specialists continue to improve their brainchild. Therefore, you will clearly hear about it more than once.


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