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07 Mar 2019, 12:10

Ajax MotionProtect Curtain: a new curtain detector for protection your property

Victoria Valevskaya
Security systems Ajax MotionProtect Curtain: a new curtain detector for protection your property

The Ajax company has extended its product line with the new motion detector MotionProtect Curtain, which creates a continuous invisible veil in the detection zone, which allows you to reliably protect your apartment, house or office.

This model has a horizontal viewing angle of only 6 degrees, but the vertical angle reaches 90 degrees. The main application’s field of the detector is the protection of the perimeter, window and door openings, as well entrance groups into the building, where it forms a continuous sensory wall from detecting infrared rays and creates the so-called curtain effect. The advantage of the “curtain” type detector is that the room can be set to arm when people are inside. Until that moment than anyone crosses the detection zone, their motion will not to be fixed.

MotionProtect Curtain (white color body) has a dust and moisture protection level of IP54 and operates in the temperature range of -25 to + 60 °C, whereby can be used both indoors and outdoors. This “curtain” type detector will be an excellent solution for the protection of such objects as:

  • Apartment. Burglars often infiltrate apartments that are located on the last and a first two floors through windows and balcony doors. The “curtain” type detector installed on the facade of the building will become a reliable barrier and will give an alarm signal even before the robber tries to get inside the protected room.

  • House. No one can get close unnoticed to the windows, door or terrace of your private home with MotionProtect Curtain. Also, the detector can be installed along the fence (if there is no fence, then along the line of the adjacent territory), like this that it will not be reacted to movement behind the fence, and in case of penetration into your territory outsiders is triggered an alarm.

  • Office. Mounted in office horizontally, at an angle or upside down “curtain” type detector will monitor the security of access to a room 24 hours a day, don’t react to people who are located inside the office space.

  • Museum. MotionProtect Curtain provides protection according to principle “look but don’t touch” according to which visitors can unhindered walk through the museum, but it is worth to touch to the work of art, the alarm will immediately trigger.

Thanks to the intelligent ZOE algorithm, the curtain detector provides impeccable detection accuracy. As soon as a person gets into the control zone of the MotionProtect Curtain, regardless of its movement speed, the detector receives information from two PIR sensors, compares it and instantly signals penetration. Also, the sensor has an immune to animals weighing up to 15 kg and growing up to 40 cm, which provides protection against false positives.

to the point: Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor: an innovative outdoor motion detector

Additional anti-tampering features that help the detector withstand even professional burglars include:

  • Tamper-resistant protection;
  • Anti-masking;
  • Fraud protection;
  • Protection against jamming.

MotionProtect Curtain is compatible with Hub and Hub Plus control panels and works over Jeweller wireless protocol. Communication range – up to 1700 m in an open space. Autonomous operation the wireless detector for up to 3 years is provided by the CR123A battery, which is included in the package.

The MotionProtect Curtain sensor is easy to install, in package includes a bracket and an installation kit. Connection to the security system takes place using the application on the phone and a QR code.

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