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14 Jan 2019, 12:00

Ajax Hub Plus: the replenishing a products line by a wireless intelligent control panel of the new generation
Security systems Ajax Hub Plus: the replenishing a products line by a wireless intelligent control panel of the new generation

Ajax Systems develops and produces innovative wireless security systems. Ajax products are able to work even in the most extreme conditions, and thanks to their elegant design, they fit perfectly in any interior.

Hub Plus operates the work of all Ajax detectors and immediately sends an alert in case of danger to the system owner and the security company. It is worth nothing the Hub of the second generation was created in order to protect objects with a large number of rooms and people, such as office spaces, shops, houses and large apartments. Hub Plus has high reliability of connection, which is provided by 4 communication channels: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and two 2G / 3G SIM-cards. Thus, it can ensure the safety of large objects, having the ability to connect a larger number of detectors, video cameras and security groups.

Thanks to an updated powerful processor and increased memory capacity, the possibilities of Hub Plus have become wider. Up to 50 cameras and 150 detectors can be connected to the control panel. You can also add 99 users and create 25 groups to manage the security of your rooms. In addition, the time of battery backup autonomous work has been increased up to 16 hours in Hub Plus.

The company had to postpone the release of the Ajax control panel with Wi-Fi for 3 years

In 2015, demonstrating the already working Hub, Ajax announced its intention to release the Hub with Wi-Fi. At that time, the company’s specialists thought that in order to solve the problem, it was necessary just to modify the software and add a Wi-Fi module. But the task was not so simple. And before there was a solution from Texas Instruments, the company tested all known communication modules, and also developed software that can eliminate the main problems associated with Wi-Fi.

On the basis of the work done, the Ajax control panel has a good communication channel, the reliability of which is comparable with Ethernet. Hub Plus has a record number of communication channels: the Hub connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA, GSM. Thus, the connection is quite stable, which ensures quick sending of alarm signals (using a call, sms or push notification) to the system owner, as well as through a direct connection to the Central Monitoring Station.

Also, it is important to note that in case of Wi-Fi or Ethernet disconnection, Hub Plus connects via 3G network as the main, 2G as a backup. If the network is not detected, the control panel is connected to another SIM – card by the same algorithm: 3G network as main, 2G as backup. This makes Hub Plus the most successful solution for creating a security system at remote sites with poor connections, such as cottages, houses, manufacturing.

The intelligent control panel at least every 12 seconds collects information about the efficiency of the detectors, analyzes it and in case of danger immediately sends an alarm signal. Ajax Hub Plus is easy to install, it is ready to work out of the box. Special applications for iOS and Android-based smartphones allow you to monitor the Hub’s work.

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor: an innovative outdoor motion detector

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor: an innovative outdoor motion detector

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