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02 Apr 2019, 11:07

Ajax Socket: a smart plug for control home devices

Victoria Valevskaya
Smart home Ajax Socket: a smart plug for control home devices

The company Ajax has released a smart plug Socket, which is designed to control home devices, turns on and off automatically or on command from a smartphone, saves electricity and automates everyday tasks. This is a very practical device not only for “smart home”, but also for any other home, apartment and office.

Controlling smart Socket from anywhere in the world

No matter where the owner of the Socket is located, he can control the devices, track the costs of electricity, turn the light on and off from anywhere in the world with Ajax mobile phone application.

Socket functions:

  • Turning on and off the lights, climate control equipment, home devices, boilers;
  • Communication with the hub by radio channel at a distance of up to 1000 meters;
  • Controls power consumption;
  • Sleep mode power consumption is less than 1 W per hour;
  • Execution of primitive scenarios during arming or disarming guard of the Ajax system.

Multi-level protection

Smart socket will provide protection household appliances from voltage drop in the home network. Socket will turn off the power supply if the voltage will critically high or low. In case of the temperature rises to 85 degrees Celsius, the Socket shuts down to avoid an ignition and prevent a fire. For protection against electric shock, the Socket is equipped with a grounding contact and mechanical stubs that will prevent the child from sticking metal objects into the socket.

Protection specifications of Ajax Socket:

  • Protection against voltage delta in the network with a rated voltage of 230 V: within from 184 V to 253 V;
  • Maximum load current: 11 A (longer duration), 13 A (briefly to 5 seconds);
  • Protection by maximum current: 11 A with protection on, up to 13 A with it turned off;
  • Automatic shutdown of the socket, if the temperature exceeds 85° C;
  • Class I of protection against electric shock;
  • Ajax Socket has a case grade protection level against penetration inside of foreign objects and moisture IP20, and the temperature range is from 0° C to +64° C, with a maximum humidity of 75%.

Practical and compact design

Ajax smart Socket does not obstruct adjacent sockets in multi-socket plugs, so thanks that any other power sources of various configurations are easily placed next to it.

Identification of equipment consuming a lot of energy

Socket is equipped with a bright LED indicator in the form of a ring, which glows during work turned on through a smart socket the device. In case if the connected device consumes a large amount of energy, the LED ring changes the brightness of the backlight.

Ease and speed of installation

Installing of smart plug Socket does not require much effort, all you need is a smartphone. The device is necessary be inserted into an ordinary socket and registered in the Ajax system by scanning the QR code using the application. A LED lit will indicate that the socket is ready for the working.

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