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Wireless modern Ajax security systems

New level of protection from
robbery, fire, flooding

  • Qualified consultation from security systems experts
  • Sending orders in Ukraine day to day
  • 24 month official warranty

How Ajax works?

Alexander Konotopsky

Ajax Security Alarm is a software-hardware security system with the main element of the Ajax Hub. It is the brain of the system that controls the operation of installed sensors - movement, opening, partitioning, smoke, leakage of water and other additional devices.

If any of the sensors is triggered, you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone with information about a potentially dangerous situation, and in a timely manner you will be able to respond to it: turn on or off the supply of electricity, water, gas, activate the siren, call the police, emergency service assistance or protection.

The system works without wires, has a convenient mobile application and installs on its own in 30 minutes. Ajax Systems' own proprietary design technologies ensure uninterrupted operation and protection against sabotage.

Ajax Advantages

off thieves
Transmits video from cameras
Fire prevention
Controls devices
Stops the flood

Guarded. All sensors work in the normal mode, no movements detected


AJAX Jeweller — Wireless know-how radio technology for stable communication with sensors over long distances
No Wires and Weaknesses — Easy control of a complex system
Ajax — Europe's most secure wireless security system
OS Malevich — secure real-time operating system for stable operation of Ajax
Protects against viruses and bot attacks
Verifies device operation status and reports to the system owner
Ajax Cloud — cloud service with advanced load balancing for round-the-clock monitoring of the system
Monitors hub performance at least once every 10 seconds
Allows users to configure and manage Ajax from anywhere in the world
Wings — new high speed protocol, suitable for transmitting graphic information
Transmission of a series of photos during an alarm
Using the dedicated antenna to amplify the signal

Catalog Ajax

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Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit white
Ajax StarterKit
Basic Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit
In stock
8 799 uah
white black
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit 2 white
Ajax StarterKit 2
Basic kit of the Ajax wireless alarm systems with Hub 2
In stock
10 399 uah
black white
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit Plus black with enhanced communication capabilities
Ajax StarterKit Plus
Advanced Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit
In stock
12 999 uah
10 399 uah
white black
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit Cam white with visual alarm verifications
Ajax StarterKit Cam
Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit with Photo Alarm
In stock
12 699 uah
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus black with visual alarm verifications
Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus
Basic Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit with photoverification and LTE
In stock
16 799 uah
white black
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit + HomeSiren white
Ajax StarterKit + HomeSiren
Advanced Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit with Siren
In stock
10 528 uah
black white
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit + KeyPad black
Ajax StarterKit + KeyPad
Advanced Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit with Keypad
In stock
11 218 uah
white black
Security Alarms/Alarm Kits Wireless Alarm Kit Ajax StarterKit + KeyPad + HomeSiren white
Ajax StarterKit + KeyPad + HomeSiren
Advanced Ajax Wireless Alarm Kit with Keypad and Siren
In stock
12 947 uah

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Ajax Systems All that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

FAQ Ajax

questionIs AJAX right for me?

Ajax burglar alarms have a Grade 2 system reliability certificate (protection against experienced intruders) and are ideal for you if you plan to install the system in an apartment, house or office.

The system is designed to protect your facility, early detection of a flood or fire in the room. If you have already done the repair, then you will not need to lay the cable, since Ajax works over the wireless protocol.

questionWill I be able to connect and configure AJAX myself?

So. You can connect and configure the system in about 30 minutes. You will need to:

1) connect the Hub to a 220 V network;

2) Download a free mobile application to your smartphone (iOS / Android);

3) sign up for a mobile application and add a Hub to it using a QR code;

4) Add all other elements of the system using a QR code.

After adding all the elements of the system, you will be able to remotely configure each of them. In this case, if you want to have the system installed by an experienced engineer, then contact us at Bezpeka.club.

questionHow do I connect AJAX alarms to a security company console?

There are two ways:

1) You can contact Bezpeka.club and we will pick up a security company in your region that will be located as close to your facility as possible and will provide a quick response.

2) In the Ajax Security System mobile application, go to the hub settings yourself and select the section "Security companies". There you can familiarize yourself with all the companies that accept Ajax alarms for monitoring and connect to one of them at their discretion.

questionHow often do batteries in sensors need to be replaced?

The batteries in the sensors must be replaced every 5-7 years, thanks to a specially developed energy efficient protocol from Ajax. Of course, the working life depends on the conditions of use (number of triggers, ambient temperature). As soon as the battery level reaches a critical level, you receive this message, so you will always be aware of when you need to make a replacement.

questionHow to connect an IP camera to AJAX?

Any IP camera that supports RTSP protocol can be connected to Ajax.

The Dahua, Hikvision and Uniview cameras connect to the Hub in just a few clicks. To do this, connect and configure the camera following the manufacturer's instructions, then tether the camera to an Ajax mobile application:

1) Click the Devices tab;

2) Click Add Camera;

3) Select manufacturer:
- Hikvision (requires an Ezviz or EasyConnect account);
- Uniview (EZVIEW account for smartphones and EZSTATION for PC required);
- Dahua;

4) Enter the required information in the popup.

5) Click Add.

Connecting third-party IP cameras:

1) configure network equipment (router or router);

2) configure IP cameras;

3) get an RTSP link to the video stream;

4) Connect the cameras to the Ajax application.

questionHow do I find out about alarms?

You will be able to find out how the system works with a push message, sms message or a call coming to your smartphone. Messages are configured through the Hub settings: faults (sms, push), alarms (call, sms, push), events (sms, push), arming / disarming (sms, push). It can be customized for each system user.

questionDoes the alarm work for pets, such as a dog or cat?

The alarm does not respond to pets weighing less than 20 kg and growing up to 50 cm.

questionCan I connect sensors from other manufacturers to Ajax alarms?

Yes. With the Ajax Transmitter integration module, you have the ability to connect street motion sensors, IR barriers, liquid and gas leakage sensors, thermal relays and any third-party wired output devices to Ajax alarms. It is not compatible with other manufacturers' wireless sensors.

questionWhich cellular service provider should you use to work with AJAX alarms?

You can select any cellular network operator that uses GPRS-enabled micro-SIM cards. The most common are Kyivstar, Lifecell and Vodafone. The Ajax Hub comes with the Lifecell SIM card included.

questionWill the alarm system work if the 220 V power supply is lost?

Yes. The alarm works and is controlled by the Hub. With 220V power off, the Hub automatically starts operating on the built-in battery, providing up to 16 hours of battery life. As for sensors, sirens, keyboards and key chains, they are battery-powered and independent of 220V power.

How to choose Hub?

If you are interested in the basic level of security, you have a small room (apartment, house, office), then the best solution is Ajax Hub. If you want to receive photo confirmation in case of alarms, then your hub is Ajax Hub 2.

Do you have a big house or office and you plan to put a lot of sensors? Maybe unstable mobile communication? Then choose Ajax Hub Plus. If you do not tolerate compromises, then the most powerful control panel Ajax Hub 2 Plus, with a large number of sensors, photo confirmation and LTE.


What is the warranty on AJAX?

When you buy Ajax in our online store you receive a 24-month official warranty.

Where to go for a warranty?

Please contact Bezpeka.club for the warranty on the purchased product.

Can I pay for the order after delivery?

Yes. The service of payment of the order after delivery is carried out at delivery of the goods by the courier of the company or provided by the company "New Mail". Payment is made at New Post offices upon receipt of the order or through the New Mail mobile application or the https://novaposhta.ua/ website.

Can I buy an Ajax alarm system on credit?

Yes. We offer favorable conditions for the purchase of Ajax products in installments through Privatbank and Monobank (Only in Ukraine). To order on credit, add the products to the cart and choose the loan offer.

You can learn more about the terms of payment on credit at the link


How to order delivery to my city?

Delivery of goods across Ukraine is carried out by Nova Poshta to the branch. By agreement, address delivery is possible, as well as sending by Bridge Express, UkrPoshta, Intime, Autolux.

Can I return the product if it does not fit?

Yes. The goods are accepted for return provided:

1) the deadline is 14 calendar days from the moment of purchase;

2) availability of a commodity check;

3) the equipment has no damage or traces of use;

4) the preserved appearance and the packaging is not damaged;

5) maintaining full completeness.

Security Alarm Installation Ajax Systems

After purchasing an Ajax alarm kit and security sensors, you can install and configure the entire system yourself using the Ajax Systems application. You can also use the services of professional installers. Leave your contact below and we will call for more information.

In addition, you can apply for a security company to install the premises on the centralized monitoring unit. You can choose a security company yourself in the application, or leave your contact below and we will call for more information and advice for a security company.



Bezpeka.Club PRO Certificate

Ajax Authorized Security Partner Certificate

Bezpeka.Club PRO Certificate

Ajax Authorized Security Partner Certificate

Bezpeka.Club PRO Certificate

Ajax Authorized Security Partner Certificate

Bezpeka.Club PRO Certificate

Ajax Authorized Security Partner Certificate

Bezpeka.Club PRO Certificate

Ajax Authorized Security Partner Certificate


Ajax Alarm

Ajax security system is the market leader in security in many ways. The equipment is of excellent quality, and the brand is recognizable all over the world. Ajax System is an international holding with main production facilities in Kyiv. The company is engaged in the development and production of wired, wireless security kits. Was founded in 2011.

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Ajax alarm - comprehensive protection for your home

In the security complex, one of the important elements is the block that can give a signal when a critical case occurs. The central of the brand in question in this regard is much superior to similar equipment. Its popularity is not at all accidental, but justified by a large number of advantages.


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