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Country: China

Manufacturer country: China

The Arny brand is the one of the leaders in budget and high-quality video intercoms. He proved himself as a modern, technical brand that meets technical standards, and very quickly found his place in intercom systems.

A video intercom today is no longer a monotonous, boring and bulky block. Now it is the thinnest panel controlled by a high-quality sensor, hands-free, and a digital photo frame.

Arny replenishes its ranks with new, technologically folded products of security systems, namely:
— Video intercoms – thin, easy to use, modern, and varied in choice according to characteristics and prices;
— Calling video panels are one of the essential additions to the video intercom, it is easier for the buyer to assemble the kit and order the installation of a single brand, this will reduce the likelihood of product incompatibility, which in turn is rich in modern design, multiple functions, and ease of use;
— Electromechanical locks are made of stainless steel.

Founded in: 2004 year

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