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Cross Point
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Cross Point

Country: Netherlands

Manufacturer country: Netherlands

Cross Point, founded in 1993, is a manufacturer of anti-theft systems. Cross Point solutions help retailers minimize waste and maximize profits.

Cross Point products stand out from other manufacturers in outstanding design, advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability, quality and are recognized as the benchmark in their class.

Cross Point manufactures systems that help prevent theft, such as:

  • Visitor flow management

The solutions are based on detecting and counting the number of visitors entering and leaving, designed to help store staff control the number of people in the store.

  • Retail analytics

The next level system integrates visitor counters, security systems and cash registers into one large information database in the cloud, accessible in real time via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Creating added value and exceeding customer expectations are the main goals of Cross Point.

Founded in: 1993 year

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