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Country: Israel

Manufacturer country: Israel

Crow Electronic Engineering LTD is a leader among manufacturers of technical solutions in the field of security and home automation.

Crow offers innovative technological solutions for use in residential and commercial premises. The brand offers a wide range of intelligent wireless and hybrid control panels, as well as a range of internal and external sensors optimized to minimize false alarms. Modern design of devices allows them to organically fit into any interior.

The complex of the presented equipment includes:
— Control panels and keyboards;
— Transceivers and GSM and TCP/IP communication units;
— Sensors: movements, glass breaking, vibrations, opening, flooding, smoke;
— Sirens;
— Key rings and alarm buttons.

The security system has developed the mobile application Serenity Connect™, and access to information is provided through Crow Cloud™. In addition, the security system can be connected to the Smart Home system and interact with various home appliances.

Founded in: 1977 year

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Security Detectors

Total in category: 8 products

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