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Elmes Electronic

Elmes Electronic

Country: Poland

Manufacturer country: Poland

The Elmes Electronic brand was created in 1992. This brand produces wireless equipment and radio alarm systems of high european quality.

The product range includes:
— Alarm radio buttons – for example, UMB-100-HS;
— Wireless IR motion sensors (PTX-50 and others);
— Receivers for sensors with relay outputs ( CH-4HR etc.);
— Control panel with GSM CB-32 function;
— Signal receiver via radio channel RP-501S and much more.

All Elmes Electronic products, from radio control kits to wireless alarm sensors, are easy to use and understandable as a professional and amateur.

Founded in: 1992 year

Categories of brand (3):

Security Detectors

Total in category: 1 product


Total in category: 3 products

Products of brand (5):
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