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Country: Poland

Manufacturer country: Poland

FIBARO is a global brand based on Internet of Things technology. It provides a solution for construction and home automation. FIBARO system developed in Poland. In just a few years, FIBARO has become a recognized brand, and its products are now officially available on 6 continents, in 100 countries of the world, and create one of the most advanced and wireless home automation systems in the world.

The Fibaro smart home system is one of the most effective solutions for building automation and control systems for household appliances. Fibaro equipment is based on Z-Wave technology, a patented wireless communication protocol. The technology uses low-frequency RF modules that are embedded in various home appliances. Z-Wave is the best choice for home automation, as it provides an easy-to-install scalable system.

Fibaro smart home will provide full control at the facility, without the need for laying communications and damage to the walls. If you need to supplement the system or change the location of the elements, you do not need installation work or software configuration, the cellular network will automatically update the device location characteristics.

The smart home Fibaro is built on the basis of a central controller – it is a control center with a built-in Z-Wave module. It provides most of the functions of the smart home, automatically saving the current settings. Building up the system is due to the connection of various sensors, relays and dimmers. Compatibility of Z-Wave technology with wireless products from various manufacturers gives you complete freedom of control.

Founded in: 2010 year

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