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Country: China

Manufacturer country: China

Foscam brand was founded in 2007. Foscam cameras have proven themselves to be reliable, functional and inexpensive devices for home video surveillance. Considering the increasing spread of wireless technologies, Foscam WiFi IP cameras, which do not require wiring to transmit video signals, are becoming especially popular with users.

Foscam cameras are easy to use and configure, able to work via the IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari web browser or mobile app. Foscam Viewer for iOS and Android. Access to the camera can be implemented through a static IP address or through the universal P2P camera UID-ID when using dynamic addresses.

Setting up and using cameras Foscam tried to make the most simple and understandable to users. Foscam cameras should be bought if convenience and comfort of use are for you one of the most important criteria when choosing a home video surveillance system. User friendliness is one of the distinguishing features of Foscam products.

Founded in: 2007 year

Categories of brand (2):


Total in category: 2 products

Products of brand (11):

2 МP Wi-Fi IP camera Foscam C2

1 760 UAH. Not available

1 МP Wi-Fi IP camera Foscam C1

1 100 UAH. Not available

CCTV Kit Foscam FN3104W-B4

11 599 UAH. Not available

4 МP Wi-Fi IP camera Foscam R4

2 560 UAH. Not available

CCTV Kit Foscam E1 Kit

8 899 UAH. Not available

2 МP Wi-Fi IP camera Foscam B1 white

5 199 UAH. Not available
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