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Country: Germany

Manufacturer country: China, Serbia, Spain, Germany.

GEZE GmbH a brand that is one of the market leaders, including in the field of innovation and design. It has high-tech products and, with the help of its promising developments, has a significant influence on the engineering equipment of buildings. These developments are constantly being improved in their technology center. Thanks to its unrivaled quality standards, GEZE products contribute to the development of innovative concepts worldwide and guarantee comfort and safety when using building engineering equipment.

GEZE GmbH belongs to the world’s most successful developers and manufacturers in the field of door and window systems, as well as security systems. GEZE offers a wide range of products in the field of automatic door systems and door equipment, all – glass systems, smoke and heat removal systems and security systems, as well as window ventilation.

GEZE door closers considered one of the most famous and reliable closers world. Every day, millions of people enjoy the comfort of automatic door systems. Custom-made and custom-made special designs, such as carousel and all-glass systems, are manufactured at their own subsidiary. GEZE products are used in numerous and well-known buildings throughout the retinue.

Founded in: 1863 year

Categories of brand (1):

Door Closers

Total in category: 24 products

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