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Country: China

Manufacturer country: China

LifeSmart was founded in 2013 and is one of the world’s leading brands offering smart home products and solutions.

LifeSmart offers its customers smart devices that integrate leading-edge IoT technologies and cloud services that form the backbone of both smart home and other industrial solutions.

LifeSmart offers smart IOT solutions such as:

  • Smart Home;
  • Home security;
  • Industrial Application.

Smart home solutions empower customers to control their home appliances and home environment, bringing convenience to life as well as safety and energy savings. All devices are operated at the touch of a button.

Home security includes:

  • An advanced wireless system in which safety sensors are rated for longer transmission.
  • Smart capture. The LifeSmart security system support steady internal connection and Zigbee or Z-Wave sensors connection.
  • 24/7 equipment operation and excellent night vision cameras that provide continuous protection 24/7.
  • Home protection, which includes leak detection, motion detection, lock protection, door and window protection, smoke detection, video surveillance, and more.

By far, LifeSmart has served more than 1 million customers over 40 countries, creating values for their everyday life.

Founded in: 2013 year

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