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Country: Ukraine

Manufacturer country: Ukraine

To date, among the security devices of the reception-control (RCD), the Ukrainian brand Lun and the control panels, under the RCD, expanders and adapters occupy the leading places by the number of installations. RCD Lun are used throughout Ukraine by many security companies and is honored by users for its convenience, simplicity, functionality and stability in operation.

The line of instruments Lun contains the following types of equipment:
— Centralized monitoring panels (PCM), manufactured under the trade mark Orlan;
— Devices and control security and fire alarm (Control Panel);
— Control panels for fire alarm systems (Control Panel) with a certificate for installation on the SES;
— Expansion zones and groups for the main RCD;
— Adapters for connecting wireless sensors Ajax, Jablotron, Crow and others;
— Components for programming, connecting address sensors, etc.

So it is not difficult to see that security devices Lun is a self-sufficient ecosystem that contains in its range everything necessary for comfortable work, effective protection of objects of varying complexity and capacity and continuing to develop and complement to this day.

Founded in: 2009 year

Categories of brand (5):

Control panels, Hubs

Total in category: 2 products

Security Detectors

Total in category: 7 products


Total in category: 1 product

Products of brand (13):
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