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Country: Latvia

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Mikrotik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of network equipment. In the assortment of which, a wide choice of both SOHO equipment and carrier-class equipment.

Among the devices manufactured under the Mikrotik brand:
— Wireless access points;
— Wired and wireless routers;
— Managed switches;
— Optical fiber equipment;
— RouterBord boards and much more.

All Mikrotik devices operate under the control of their own network operating system Mikrotik RouterOS, supporting work with most standard network protocols and technologies, and with proprietary protocols designed to significantly improve the performance of wireless communication channels.

Mikrotik devices are becoming increasingly popular among professionals. On their basis, more and more broadband wireless networks are being created, as well as enterprise networks and home networks.

Founded in: 1996 year

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Total in category: 4 products


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