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Country: Germany

Manufacturer country: Germany

Mobotix was founded in 1999 and is engaged in the development and production of intelligent IP-video systems. The Mobotix range includes both weatherproof solutions and network cameras for indoor installation. Network cameras have an integrated microphone and speaker, support full-duplex audio communication, and can use the SIP protocol to communicate with the user. Network cameras support PoE standard and have extremely low power consumption for devices of this class – only 5-7 watts.

MOBOTIX software allows you to build video surveillance systems of various levels: Mobotix MxMC – a professional video surveillance system, MxEasy – an entry level video surveillance system.

A distinctive feature of the MOBOTIX IP cameras built-in software is the integration of alarm event management, including pre and post alarm images and video clips, FTP, e-mail, external ring storage buffer on PCs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS, server or NAS.

Founded in: 1999 year

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