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Network Optix
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Network Optix

Country: USA

Manufacturer country: USA

Network Optix is the 7th fastest growing software company in America which was founded in 2010.

Network Optix’s mission: become the engine of the most intelligent video applications on the planet.

Network Optix is the manufacturer of Nx Witness VMS, a fast, easy-to-use cross-platform IP Video Management System (VMS) / video surveillance software designed to detection, view, record and control IP video cameras. This video surveillance software and free developer tools to integrate third-party access control systems, alarms, POS terminals and more, will enable customers to create unique CCTV software.

Nx Witness software from Network Optix:

  • can be used instantly;
  • easy to use and cross-platform;
  • allows you to detect any network camera or video source;
  • includes automation;
  • is extremely stable and elastic;
  • affordable and easy to maintain;
  • can be integrated with any third party hardware or software.

Nx Witness video surveillance software automatically detects thousands of IP cameras from hundreds of manufacturers.

Nx Witness is a video surveillance software that can be used instantly, is simple to install and maintain, and works exactly as you expect.

Founded in: 2010 year

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