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Country: China

Manufacturer country: China

Orvibo smart home systems provide user comfort and ease of system management. The concept of a smart home is based on the intellectual prediction of the needs of residents and their satisfaction by automating engineering systems. Dozens of buttons and switches replaced one remote control, which sends information to a smartphone, thanks to which you can control the house even remotely.

Especially for quick integration, the Orvibo smart home kit has been developed, where elements are assembled into a single set that is easy to install and connect. The kit includes a controller, which makes it possible to regulate the operation of almost any household equipment controlled from an IR remote control. All you need is to power up the controller, connect to a Wi-Fi network, install a free application on your smartphone and start using it.

The most urgent task that Orvibo solves is energy saving and resource saving. To do this, it is enough to install individual elements that can work independently, using a wireless connection via WiFi and a smartphone as a control panel. One of these affordable and convenient automation tools is a Wi-Fi outlet. Simple installation and ease of use made this element of the system a bestseller among smart-home equipment.

The manufacturer is constantly improving the element base, updating the range of devices. With each new generation, devices for creating a comfortable, safe and economical home are becoming more and more perfect, more practical and cheaper. To build a smart home based on Orvibo equipment there is no need for specific knowledge. Saving resources, automatic response to specified factors, coordinated work of engineering systems, human-space interaction this is what Orvibo.

Founded in: 2011 year

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