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Security alarm for sprinkler machines (frigates)

Security alarm for sprinkler machines (frigates)
Problem: Попередити злодійство або псування дорогого навісного обладнання фрегата. Таке, як електродвигуни, редуктори та мідні магістральні дроти.

Together with our customers, we considered several schemes for implementing such protection. As a result, we settled on a scheme warning the fact of theft of equipment. Its essence is as follows. In the area of ​​frigate trolleys, where concentrated equipment is prone to theft, a special detector is installed that responds to movements of the object in the protected area. This detector combines two technologies for detecting an object, microwave and infrared, and also has immunity to small animals. This quality of the detector significantly reduces the risk of false alarms.

When an attacker approaches the carts, an alarm will sound. An alarm will also occur if the intruder tries to bite the copper trunk wires.

Detectors are located on special, quick-detachable brackets and sealed connectors. If necessary, they can be easily mounted or dismantled in a short time.

So, when the detectors are alarmed, for a given time, two powerful sirens are turned on (the alarm sound is heard at a distance of 2-3 km).

The security telephone receives disturbing calls and messages with information about which truck has been triggered. In parallel, all information about the alarm system is transmitted to the central monitoring console (CMS). It is an ordinary computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. With the help of the monitoring station we can observe all events and indicators of the security system. We can keep an archive of events and other statistics.


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