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PTZ camera on the farm

PTZ camera on the farm
Problem: Patrol and identification of violators on the farm

The swiveling robotic camera is an excellent means of observing large areas. It can be controlled by both the operator and is in auto-patrol mode, inspecting certain areas along a given route. It is most reasonable to use PTZ cameras in conjunction with conventional (surveillance) cameras. When the motion detector of a conventional (surveillance) camera is triggered, the PTZ camera will quickly turn in the direction of the object’s movement, focusing on it, thereby identifying the intruder.

You can also see the video in which it is shown how the team installs and configures the PTZ cameras. As well as examples of how these cameras work and show.

To summarize, want to note that when using these PTZ cameras, together with survey cameras on relatively large areas, the effectiveness of surveillance in general, and in particular the recognition of faces, objects, and license plates, increases significantly.

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