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Access control system at the stadium "Vorskla"

Access control system at the stadium
Problem: Installation of an access control system and an electronic ticket control system at the stadium "Vorskla"

In May 2018, the Poltava football club Vorskla became the bronze medalist of the Ukrainian Football Championship 2018/2019 and won the right to play in the group stage of the Europa League. In this regard, in July 2018, an inspection of UEFA representatives was to arrive in Poltava with a check in order to check the Vorskla stadium for compliance with the requirements for stadiums for holding European Cup matches.

In March 2018, the Poltava stadium Vorskla named after Alexey Butovsky was downgraded from the third to the second category due to a number of inconsistencies with the requirements of the new edition of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Champions League competition regulations. Since the second category does not allow accepting matches of the Europa League, it was necessary to fulfill all the necessary requirements as soon as possible and bring the stadium to the fourth category. To do this, it was necessary to modernize the stadium infrastructure to the European level, as well as to install an access control system and an electronic ticket control system that meets the requirements of UEFA.


The maximum number of visitors at the stadium is 25,000 people. The capacity of the turnstile – +/- 20 people per minute. The time allotted to the entrance of the audience – 60 minutes. Based on these data, the minimum allowable number of turnstiles that would correctly perform the task – 21 turnstiles. Considering the uneven distribution of visitors by sectors, a number of other technical factors and the requirements of the UEFA regulations, the number of turnstiles was increased to 34. This number of turnstiles allows you to avoid crowding and increase the ease of entry for visitors.

After a careful study of the stadium’s layout and the flow of visitors, the LOT Group experts proposed the following solution – to equip the castle with tripod turnstiles with a bar code scanner to the West and East stands, as well as to the spectator zones in the South and North stands. Equip passages to the fan zones of the Southern and Northern tribunes with full-height Defender rotor turnstiles with a bar code scanner. This distribution of equipment at the location provides the greatest efficiency.

Features of innovation: The facility should have been ready for inspection by UEFA representatives
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