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Turnstiles for access to the Business Center

Turnstiles for access to the Business Center
Problem: Building a reliable and easy operation in the administration and management of an access control control system (ACMS), taking into account the specifics of the modern business center (the possibility of using guest cards, arranging for access control in premises and adjacent to the building territory)


There are 4 access points for controlling the passage of people to the business center. The access control system is based on Sphinx equipment, using Matrix readers, which allows not only to organize the passage of workers who enter the territory through a personal card, but also to control their working time. The access points are equipped with Bizet’s turnstiles, and the creation of a new access card occurs with the help of a desktop Tecsar Trek USB reader. In combination with quality assembling, we obtain a reliable, easily scalable system that controls access and elegantly complements the interior of the business center.


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