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Video surveillance and fire alarm at the Unibox temporary storage (Kyiv)

Video surveillance and fire alarm at the Unibox temporary storage (Kyiv)
Problem: To ensure the safety and security of property in the temporary storage warehouse.

Any storage of material values requires increased attention to safety. And when it comes to storing other people’s things, these requirements are doubled.

The management of the Unibox temporary storage warehouse began to think about these issues at the design stage of areas, and this was the right decision. The tasks of the contractor were to design and install a video surveillance system, burglar alarms, to ensure fire safety and protection from flooding.

Video surveillance

Round-the-clock monitoring and archiving for 1 month. Each client can be sure that his property is under the watchful eye of IP-cameras.

The system is constructed on the basis of Hikvision equipment.

Security alarm

In the event of an alarm, security sensors transmit a signal to the central unit, and then the signal goes to the security company console. In addition, you can call the security company by pressing a button on the keychain of the portable remote. The system is based on Ajax.

Remote monitoring services are provided by Sheriff.

Fire alarm

On the territory of the warehouse complex fire sensors placed production Arton.

Access Control System

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by the Dahua IP Calling Panel. By pressing the call button, the guard receives images of the visitor and he decides to open the doors or not. Doors are locked with electromechanical locks Yli Electronics.

Features of innovation: Due to the presence of large storage areas, it was necessary to ensure the transmission of video signals from cameras, as well as radio signals from wireless sensors over long distances. The task of integrators of the solution was to provide information in the event of possible flooding and fires. The territory of the warehouse is closed from outside doors with electric locks. The alarm signal from the security sensors goes to the control panel of the security company.


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