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Arms and Security - 2019

Arms and Security – 2019 — XVI International specialized exhibition, will take place on October 8 – 11, 2019 in Kiev, the International Exhibition Center. Is held according to decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 753-p of 19.09.2007. “About the preparation and holding of the annual International specialized exhibition for protection means, weapons, military and special equipment, dual-use technologies and goods “Arms and Security”

The exhibition conducting on the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine will have not only a great practical but also social significance. The exhibition “Arms and Security” is a unique tool for the deepening of military and military‑technical cooperation with foreign partners, to strengthen domestic economic potential and for the union of all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of gender, nationality or religion, around the idea of building a new strong and prosperous Ukraine.

Why Ukraine?

In recent years, Ukrainian security and defense sector has gained invaluable experience which should be taken into account by European countries and all over the world.
For Ukraine, defense industry is more than just export of products. Ukraine is facing the situation which makes the country’s defense and security industry the highest national priority.
Ukraine has one of the most competitive military‑industrial complexes, which is significantly undervalued and has enormous potential for growth.
Ukraine is actively increasing its military‑technical and defense capability. In 2018, more than 3 thousand samples of weapons, military equipment and special items, more than 450 thousand missiles and ammunition were supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
An urgent need is to recover losses and provide newly‑created military and police units with new equipment.

What’s new in defense sector of Ukrainefor 2018‑2019?

The President of Ukraine signed a law that allows the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine to directly procure products, labor, and defense services abroad without intermediary companies. Before, such procurements were possible only through the mediation of Ukroboronprom State Concern.
The President of Ukraine signed the law on the consolidation in the Constitution of the strategic course of Ukraine for gaining membership in the EU and NATO.
The representatives of the United States announced the actual lifting of the embargo on the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Canada and the Czech Republic announced the liberalization of export operations, while Turkey and Poland continued to actively cooperate in the defense industry.
Due to the suspension of the Treaty on the elimination of medium‑ and short‑range missiles (TMSRM) there arise the possibility for Ukraine to manufacturing both cruise and ballistic missiles.

Why participate?

International Exhibition “Arms and Security” is the only and unique opportunity to meet in one place focal persons from defense and law enforcement authorities and services who are an important part of the procurement processes but hard reachable in their daily activity.
The state budget of Ukraine for 2019 in the defense and security sector provided 212 billion UAH (5.37% of GDP) ‑ by 33.3 billion UAH more than in 2018.
The following purchases are planned:
– for the Ground Forces ‑ 6 thousand types of weapons, in particular mortars, man‑portable air defense systems, sniper weapons, anti‑sniper systems, night vision sights, thermal imagers, grenade launchers, artillery shots, rockets etc. The military will receive more than a thousand armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored cars, ambulances, and so on.
– dozens of upgraded aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aircraft complexes will be delivered to the Air Forces;
– for Ukrainian Fleet ‑ a missile boat, small armored artillery boats, amphibious boats, as well as radar complexes and means of radiolocation.
What is more, 10 thousand units of modern communication means, dozens of electronic warfare samples, as well as dozens of topographical equipment.

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