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04 Feb 2020, 17:39

IP intercom in the modern city

Video surveillance IP intercom in the modern city

Increasingly, slogans are being heard from the television screen about creating a “state in a smartphone” or a so-called digitization program. Quite differently you can refer to these terms. Some view digitization as the transfer of information to the digital plane, and some believe that it is a more global change in social life through digital technology. But in reality they are all right. Because digital transformation is a manifestation of the social digital revolution.

It is known that the results of the research of the most technological cities in the world from the Smart Sity Observatory were recently published. Unfortunately, Kyiv only took ninety-second place. The assessment took into account the level of health, safety, mobility and social activity. That is, such studies cannot be based solely on the number of technologies implemented. On the contrary, the main criterion for a smart city can be considered indicators of comfortable living. This takes into account the quality of the technologies implemented aimed at general city safety, communication between the authorities and residents, the opportunity to participate in local improvement programs, reducing the cost of resources, energy efficiency, as well as safety and the level of educational programs.


Today, the Kiev Smart City concept program is already in place, but the achievements are rather modest and at the time of the research many technological implementations were only in test mode when other participants were already demonstrating their capabilities. Despite the fact that some technological success has been achieved: urban services, education, transport infrastructure, security and even ecology – there is still much work to be done.


In particular, would like to emphasize on the IP intercom, since its capabilities are almost unlimited, but unfortunately the installation of equipment is slow enough only in the best new buildings of the city, the best developers. In the case of IP, the door phone can serve not only as an intercom, but also as a reliable means of communication between the management company and the occupants of the house, through which it is possible not only to restrict access to a separate floor, but also to provide information or advertisements, to accept meter figures or to connect its own billing system. . It is also very important that each panel, having its own IP camera and freely integrating with CCTV systems, can transmit video data to the police immediately. And the intercom is controlled from the smartphone. Therefore, an IP intercom must and is an integral part of Kyiv Smart City.

The project was developed with the participation of BAS-IP.



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