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25 Jul 2019, 14:50

KVS ANTIDRON: Portable silencer drones

Drones KVS ANTIDRON: Portable silencer drones

With the advent and proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as drones and quadcopter machines, the number of unauthorized intruders of these devices has increased in the forbidden territory. The purpose of the invasion is to conduct reconnaissance missions, and in some cases to commit sabotage with the use of ammunition and chemical-toxic substances.

“KVS ANTIDRON” is designed taking into account the requirements, which is dictated by the difficult situation with the massive use of unmanned vehicles, not only in civilian, but also in the military sector. Given the need for such equipment, our company has released two models of rifles for military and civilian purposes.

The main tasks that were set before the development

  • provide a sufficient range of activities;
  • to ensure the connection between the control panel and the unmanned device;
  • blocking GPS navigation so that the unmanned ground could not return to a preprogrammed safe place;
  • prevention of the transmission of intelligence data at the video communications frequencies of the location of the infrastructure or living space in the area.

Description of the technical characteristics of the drum muffler “KVS ANTIDRON-M / N”

* M – for military use; H – for civilian users

Frequency locking ranges:

  • Remote control and video 2.4G WIFI 2400-2500 MHz (M / H)
  • GPS Navigation L1 + Glonass 1575 -1620 MHz (M / N) Navigation
    Remote radio control and video transmission 5.8 G 5.5-5.9 MHz (M / N)
  • Navigation GPS L2 1227 MHz (M)
  • Remote control 868-912 MHz (860-920 MHz) (M)
  • Remote radio control 433-434 MHz (M)
  • Total output power N / M: 65/112 Watts
  • Radius suppression of drones: 600-1200 meters.
  • Battery life in suppression mode: 40 to 60 minutes.

The KVS ANTIDRON dron muff is made in the custom design for a two-barrel gun, with almost the same length and weight. It is very convenient for use in places with limited space, vehicles, open areas or protected areas.
“KVS ANTIDRON” is very easy to use, activated by pressing one button. Thanks to the autonomous nutrition at any moment can be brought to active mode.

Antennas are protected by a special plastic case, the installation is equipped with a radiator cooling system. It provides performance and protection against excessive overheating at high ambient temperatures.

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