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Car alarm Pandora DX88BTUA

PRODUCT CODE: 101-05001
Brand: Pandora
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Data transfer duplex
Signal code dialog
Data transfer duplex
Device class super-economy

Car alarm Pandora DX88BTUA: GSM module, integrated 2xCAN interface, keyless autostart - CLONE technology, built-in microUSB, Webasto/Eberspacher control, IMMO-KEY port, Bluetooth 4.2, ULPC-mode (ultra-economical operation mode), BT-760 black tag, built-in motion sensor/tilt/move.

Car alarm Pandora DX88BTUA is the most affordable Pandora with GSM-connection, auto-start option, built-in immobilizer and access to an online application.

The system fully supports mobile applications. In the absence of a mobile network or just at a close distance from the car, the smartphone switches to Bluetooth control mode. The protected Bluetooth interface deserves special attention – if desired, wireless accessories can be added to the DX88BTUA at any time to increase the functionality and anti-theft properties. For example, the GPS / GLONASS receiver NAV-035BT will turn your microsystem into a satellite GSM complex, and the BTR-101 radio relay will not allow intruders to start the engine.

The system has keyless autostart of all popular modern cars. The specialized port IMMO-KEY makes it possible to use all of our new algorithms for bypassing standard immobilizers, including those that require Pandora CLONE service procedures.

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