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Car alarm Pandora Pandora DXL-4970

PRODUCT CODE: 101-03734
Brand: Pandora
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Device class super-economy

Two-way GSM alarm system Pandora DXL-4970, integrated 3xCAN / 2xLIN, 2xIMMO-KEY ports, 3G GSM modem, autostart, turbo timer, control of Webasto and Eberspaecher pre-heaters; keyless CLONE immobilizer lineman, works with 2-sim cards, radio path 868 MHz, Bluetooth 4.2, emergency power supply, OLED display D800, GPS / GLONASS, Bluetooth radio relay BTR-101, engine compartment module RHM-03BT, radio tags BT-760, mobile application.

Car alarm Pandora DXL-4970 provides the maximum possible protection for a car of absolutely any class, maximum comfort and functionality to its owner. It concentrates the most modern and advanced technologies and achievements to date.

Pandora DXL 4970 is a highly integrated product with the most modern multi-band 3G GSM modem that does not have territorial restrictions on use (it has legal ability to work all over the world), works with two SIM cards, a built-in high-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver, and an 868 MHz radio path and Bluetooth 4.2-interface, built-in emergency power supply, which is able to keep the device fully functional for several hours.

The latest generation Bluetooth interface allows you to work with all modern Bluetooth accessories, such as BTR-101 Bluetooth radio relay, RHM-03BT engine compartment module, BT-760 radio tags, DMS-100BT wireless autonomous limit switch with temperature sensor, miniature Bluetooth-controlled group switch RR-103BT, wireless module DI-04, allowing to solve all problems of car control, where keyless start has not yet been implemented by us, etc.

It is completed with a keychain with a high-contrast, bright OLED-display – Pandora D800. The keychain is very compact, ergonomic and extremely comfortable to use. Two radio channels are integrated in the key fob – an ultra-long-range radio channel at 868 MHz and a short-range radio channel – Bluetooth 4.2. Depending on the distance at which the owner is from the car, the key fob automatically switches between two radio communication channels, providing the maximum range, speed and energy efficiency. Pandora D800 is equipped with a built-in high-capacity battery that is charged from a microUSB port.

The Pandora DXL 4970 offers the largest possible set of digital interfaces available today. The system is equipped with a CAN controller capable of working simultaneously with 3 CAN buses, which is simply a prerequisite for fully functional work with modern complex cars such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes. In addition, the system has two full-fledged LIN interfaces for working with on-board tires of cars and controlling Webasto and Eberspaecher pre-heaters, as well as specialized IMMO-KEY ports for keyless bypass of standard immobilizers of all, without exception, cars that are supported by Pandora CLONE services. and Pandora BYPASS.

The car alarm has a built-in emergency power supply – a backup battery is installed inside the base unit of the system, which will leave the system in full working condition in the event of an unauthorized disconnection of the main power supply and deliver alarm notifications to the car owner with all available communication interfaces. The system uses a state-of-the-art intelligent charging system that allows you to properly charge the battery without “killing” it, and ensures a long service life without losing capacity.

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Instructions and Software
Pandora_DXL_4970_инструкция по эксплуатации PDF 2.6 mb Download

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