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Car alarm Pandora DXL3170UA

PRODUCT CODE: 101-05574
Brand: Pandora
Signal code dialog
Data transfer duplex
Signal code dialog
Data transfer duplex
Device class super-economy

Car alarm Pandora DXL3170UA - 868MHz integrated dialogue radio path LoRa, GSM / GPRS modem, integrated 2xCAN / LIN interface, IMMO-KEY port, keyless a / z - CLONE technology, embedded. microUSB, Webasto / Eberspacher control, LBS coordinates, internet service, mobile GSM / BT application (Android / iOS), Bluetooth 5.0, LCD keyfob D-022 v.3 - battery, BT key fob -770 - CR2032, int. motion / tilt / displacement sensor.

Car alarm Pandora DXL3170UA – is an alternative to Pandect X-3150 and X3110, but it has a more advanced base and a new radio path.
The smallest system with a GSM connection, access to service, a key fob with an LCD display and a built-in immobilizer.

Includes built-in Bluetooth 5.0, supporting most existing protocols and functions. Communication range with a paired device – up to 50 meters;
protection against electronic hacking with AES encryption with a key length of 128 Bit. 2G modem, there is a slot for one SIM card. Processing unit with built-in 2XCAN / LIN-module. Supersensitive accelerometer with a set of sensors that respond to minor inclinations, impacts. The sensitivity of the sensors is manually adjusted.

The base unit of the system includes a 2xCAN / 2LIN interface, which is useful when installing the system. In addition, the unit is equipped with a GSM module, LBS positioning, 2G modem, 3D accelerometer, iMMO-Key, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy interface and an immobilizer.

The system can be remotely controlled using a mobile app. A mobile application that works over an Internet connection provides round-the-clock access to the system. For IOS devices – Pandora Pro, for Android – Pandora Online.
You can also access the system via the app via Bluetooth. To do this, download and install Pandora BT. The application supports communication with the system at a distance of up to 50 meters.

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