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Car alarm Pandora DX-4GS

PRODUCT CODE: 101-04134
Brand: Pandora
Signal code dialog
Data transfer duplex
Signal code dialog
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Device class super-economy

Car alarm Pandora DX-4GS, type - GSM (4G), GPS, Slave mode, tags (BT-760), CAN, autostart (RMD-5M), Pandora CLONE, Bluetooth Smart, shock / tilt / motion sensor, siren PS-330.

Pandora DX-4GS car alarm is a security system designed to make 4G car alarms more accessible to everyone. This product, despite the presence of the latest 4G modem and GPS, does not differ in price from the inexpensive modern 2G signaling systems.

The 4G network provides a stable connection in underground parking lots, during rush hour in the center of a metropolis or in the parking lot of a large shopping center – loads that aging 2G equipment is no longer able to provide.

Pandora DX-4G allows you to easily connect the entire range of Pandora Bluetooth accessories, and these are more than 20 devices – sensors, blocking radio relays, GPS antennas, sirens, engine compartment modules, immobilizer crawlers, etc., that is, everything that will make it possible to increase functionality of the complex to the maximum possible.

The complex includes a launcher RMD-5M and two BT-760 Bluetooth tags, and any smartphone with the Pandora application installed can also be used as a tag. Thus, it will be possible to drive a car only in the presence of a tag or a smartphone, and attempts to start driving without these devices within range will lead to an immediate engine blocking.

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Instructions and Software
Pandora_DX-4GS_инструкция по эксплуатации PDF 1.21 mb Download

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