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Car alarm Pandora UX-4G for hybrid and electric cars

PRODUCT CODE: 101-05575
Brand: Pandora
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Device class super-economy

Car alarm Pandora UX-4G - 4G/LTE/3G/2G GSM modem, integrated Bluetooth 5.0 interface, integrated 2xCAN, IMMO-KEY, keyless auto start-CLONE technology, integrated GPS/GLONASS, Season storage mode, BT-770 key fob black, BT-780 black keyfob, built-in motion sensor, RMD-5M, PS-330 piezosiren.

Car alarm Pandora UX-4G is a compact, modern product that combines all new communication technologies (4G, Bluetooth 5.0) for a full-fledged security and service system and the best navigation receiver with a built-in high-sensitivity antenna.

The system is fully optimized for the modern hybrid and electric vehicles that need protection the most. An important feature of the alarm is the ultra-low current consumption in the long-term parking mode in the armed mode.

Pandora UX-4G is a top-end security and telemetry system built on a fundamentally new hardware and software platform and has many new original solutions. It contains the most advanced 4G and Bluetooth 5.0 communication interfaces, as well as the best navigation receiver with a high-sensitivity antenna. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module allows you to control the alarm using a mobile application on the owner’s smartphone, as well as expand the system’s capabilities by using a large set of peripheral devices: RR-101, RR-01 radio relays, RHM-03BT engine compartment module, DMS-100 wireless door sensor, telemetric expansion module NAV-09, presence tags of the owner BT-760 and others.

The car alarm provides protection against interception and signal retransmission by code grabbers. The alarm set includes a radio-electronic anti-theft tag, with the help of which a permission to travel is issued if it is within the system’s coverage area. GPS / GLONASS receiver is designed to determine and save the coordinates of the vehicle location with an accuracy of several meters.

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