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25 Jun 2019, 11:45

Perimeter security radar - reliable protection for your home

Video surveillance Perimeter security radar - reliable protection for your home

Security systems, in which radars are the main work item, are a relatively new direction in the protection systems of private and commercial property. Previously, such protection systems were used only in the military and related industries.

After evaluating their advantages, new security systems were launched for commercial use in civilian objects, where they quickly began to gain popularity.

Can that is not always possible surveillance camera

KVSR radars are not whimsical, can detect, accurately determine the location and distance to an object in conditions of limited visibility, see what a regular surveillance camera cannot always catch, in addition, radars are all-weather devices: atmospheric phenomena do not affect them and there is no attachment to fluctuations in daily illumination. The principle of operation of the radar is based on the property of the echo-location – sending a radio wave at a certain frequency in a collision with interference, the wave is reflected and a signal is displayed on the monitor.

Radar can work in conjunction with thermal and conventional cameras. When colliding with the object where the radio wave was reflected, a special program immediately receives data, processes the signal and turns the cameras to the place where the perimeter violation was recorded.

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KVSR radars are designed for round-the-clock monitoring of protected objects, detection and display on the monitor of the direction of movement, the number and speed with which violators of the protected perimeter move.

You can pick up the detection range

Depending on the model, you can choose a radar with a suitable range of object detection. It can be from 200 to 400 meters for the detection and classification of people and from 350 to 600 meters for the detection of vehicles. The speed of detection of an intruder can vary from 0.3 to 30 m / s, which means that the intruder only made a step into the protected perimeter, and his radar system immediately spotted and alerted the security.

Security systems of this type save their owner a significant amount since one radar can replace eleven fixed observation cameras. Radars are more energy efficient — consume less power, are more reliable, and have no moving parts. Thanks to special software, it is easy to integrate with PTZ cameras and TVs.

Security systems of this type will reliably protect your property and warn you against attempts on it, because it is not always possible to protect the territory with a fence, especially if you are talking about large areas or places where it is not appropriate. You will find the offender in a timely manner, will be able to respond in time and take the necessary measures.

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