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17 Jul 2019, 09:00

Radar KVSR-500 - a new generation of radar

Security systems Radar KVSR-500 - a new generation of radar

The KVSR-500 radar is a new generation of radar system designed to protect the territory under its control.

The radar has a unique ability, allowing its owner to detect and identify violators of the protected area. The design of the radar provides easy installation and integration into an existing security system, allowing you to significantly save your money because it does not need constant maintenance and has no moving parts.

In addition, when introducing a coexisting system into a coexisting system, a large number of conventional video cameras can be abandoned, since they simply will not be necessary, one KVSR-500 radar can replace 11 thermal and video cameras.

to the point: Perimeter security radar – reliable protection for your home

A detection system equipped with this radar detects the intruder and sends an alarm signal to the control panel long before it gets close to the object. You will have enough time to adequately respond to the situation.

KVSR-500 is not whimsical in operation, it works stably regardless of the season, climatic conditions and time of day. The detection range for humans is 400 meters, cars – 600 meters, drones – 200 meters.

In addition to detecting the target, a special program that completes the radar tracks and builds a route of movement by displaying it on the screen, which can be the screen of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and permanently installed personal computer. This program allows you to identify the detected object by providing the operator with a complete picture of what is happening, to establish what broke the perimeter, the beast, the person, the car or the floating craft.

Understanding the route of movement, you can determine the offender intentionally entered the guarded perimeter, or just walking, got lost, and on the basis of the information received, decide how to react.

Full description of the features of the KVSR-500
Object Detection Range:
200 m – drones;
400 m – people;
600 m – vehicles / vessel.
Azimuth overview: 120 °;
Overview of elevation: 30 °;
Azimuth accuracy: 1 °;
Frequency: 5.5 GHz;
Range resolution: 0.4 m;
Scan speed: 2 scans per second;
Average operating time 100,000 hours;
The speed of the detected object is 0.3 – 30 m / s;
False alarm frequency: <1 per day;
Detection of a perimeter intruder in all weather conditions at night, in snow and rain, even in fog;
Permissible ambient temperature from -45 ° to + 60 °;
Power consumption: 9-32 V, 2 W;
Integrated tracking device – extremely narrow data bandwidth is required (<1 Kb / s);
Interface: Ethernet or RS-422 network available;
Dimensions WxHxD, cm: 24.9 x 14.7 x 5.8;
Weight: 1.5 kg.

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