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16 Mar., 2021 10:53

Temperature screening: does the weather make difference?

Partizan Security
Biometric systems Temperature screening: does the weather make difference?

A security guard with a non-contact thermal scanner at the entrance to a shopping mall, school or government institution can hardly prevent the spread of viruses. He is too slow, too imprecise. But access control system with face recognition and temperature screening is a completely different thing. For example Partizan STD-2MP takes into account a number of related factors, including climatic conditions, when measuring temperature.

Winter and summer show different results.

There is no such thing as bad weather, but it strongly affects the results of temperature screening. In winter the temperature of the exposed parts of the body is at least one degree lower than the real temperature. On a hot summer day, on the contrary, it can rise up to 37.4 °. But in fact, it is 36.6 °. But this will not cheat Partizan STD-2MP! The device will analyze the human condition even taking into account the temperature difference between cap and hair.

STD-2MP algorithms work on the principles of artificial intelligence. The device compares the temperature of a human with the temperature of the surrounding objects. It keeps in memory the warmth level of previously screened people to calculate actual normal values.

Let’s say that in the morning the average temperature of visitors was 36.3 degrees. But the day was hot and by noon people warmed up to 37.5. What is it – a cold, flu, covid? The device takes the weather into account and makes measurements as accurately as possible. Come on in, it’s all right.

There will be no mistake

Did you ever pay attention that thermal scanners usually work indoors? But people come from the outside! And the temperature there is completely different. Intelligent algorithms of Partizan STD-2MP calculate the nominal normal temperature in the general human flow. The device has enough data just after 3 visitors are scanned and algorithms for determining persons with fever start to work. It sounds complicated, so let’s see it on an example.

Let’s say the device measured the forehead temperature of three visitors. The results are 35.4-35.8 degrees. Partizan STD-2MP compares this information with real body temperature and gets a true result – 36.4-36.8. Now imagine that the next visitor comes in with a forehead temperature of 36.9. It would seem that everything is fine. But the STD-2MP immediately calculates that in reality the body temperature is much higher. It’s almost 38 degrees! As Gandalf said: “You shall not pass!”

I recognized you!

The mask mode has not yet been canceled. Partizan STD-2MP, in addition to temperature screening, is able to recognize faces even with a mask on. There is no need to remove it, safety is above all!

In addition, Partizan STD-2MP has the full functionality of access control system:

  • Keeps track of visits
  • Restricts or grants access
  • Gives an alarm signal in case of violation

It looks good

Partizan STD-2MP is no bigger than a regular tablet. It consists of a large 7 ”IPS display, temperature screening module, white backlight, 2MP IP CCTV camera, built-in access controller. Partizan STD-2MP is designed for installation near turnstiles, on walk-through frames or just at the entrance doors. The accessories catalog contains also brackets for floor and wall mounting.

And if Partizan STD-2MP will be used in a preschool institution or clinic, you can put on a cute cover in the form of ears. Kids will appreciate it.

The coronavirus epidemic has brought its own specifics to everyday life. Temperature screening on entering public places has become a mandatory routine. Partizan STD-2MP will measure temperature imperceptibly, quickly and as efficiently as possible. Much better than “peeking” on people’s foreheads with a scanner.

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