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05 Jan 2019, 12:00

How to protect your apartment from burglars
Security systems How to protect your apartment from burglars

Nowadays, the theme of protecting home from burglars is topical issue for many people. Well-known expression “my home is my castle” in the context of security takes on a new meaning. In order to really transform your apartment into a fortress, you must approach to the solution of the problem comprehensively. It is worth noting that the construction of a high-quality system to protect the apartment from intruders is better to be entrusted to professionals.

The effectiveness of apartment security can be achieved due to the joint using of organizational, engineering and technical protection methods. Below we look at some of these methods in more detail.

Organizational protection methods

The implementation of elementary rules will increase the security of your apartment. Don’t put your keys under the doormat, in the mailbox and other easily accessible places. Close windows and window leafs when you leave the house. If you are not at home for a long time, give the keys to someone you trust and ask him to check the apartment.

Additional protection is a combination lock or intercom. If there is a concierge at the entrance, it will be an advantage. Thanks to these methods of protection, strangers will be less often getting into the entrance. In case of a suspicious situation the concierge will be able to inform the police.

Engineering protection methods

On the windows of apartments, which are located on the 1-2 and upper floors, it is necessary to install metal window guards. It is worth noting that the most reliable are window guards, from a square rod 12-16 mm thick. The installation of metal protective roller shutters on the windows can be an alternative. It is worth paying special attention to the entrance door, because most thefts occur through the door. It is also necessary to choose high-quality and tamper-proof locks.

Technical methods of protection

The security market is developing rapidly, and today there are many technical ways to protect the apartment from burglars. This could be the installation of video intercom, CCTV or alarm systems.

Video intercom

Video intercoms are mainly used to surveillance near the entrance door of an apartment and, as a rule, support the connection of one or two cameras. One of the cameras is usually built into the call panel.

Top models of video intercoms are able to call forwarding from the intercom panel to your smartphone, fix a photo of a guest, and identify people, who are near your door for a long time, thanks to motion detection.

Video Peephole

The video peephole is mounted on the outside of the door and in appearance does not differ from the usual peephole. Thanks to this electronic device, you can remotely monitor what is happening near your entrance door on the TV screen or video monitor. Additional functions of top video peepholes are:

  • Electronic lock that allows you to open the door by pressing a button on the device;
  • Motion detector that start the video recording.

However, the main criterion of choosing a video peephole is the quality of the video, especially in conditions of insufficient visibility.

Security alarm systems

At the moment, one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of apartments is the using of security alarm systems.

The main elements of the security alarm system:

  • control panel;
  • various detectors (opening doors and windows, motion detectors, glass break detectors, combined motion and glass break detectors, vibration detectors, etc.);
  • keyboard or key fob to control the system;
  • light alarms, sound alarms (sirens) or light and sound alarms.

The following types of systems can be distinguished:

  • autonomous;
  • GSM systems;
  • alarm systems with connection to the Central Monitoring Station.

Autonomous systems are the simplest and cheapest. They are usually consists from a few detectors, a control panel and a light and sound alarm. In the case of penetration to the object of protection, a detector triggering occurs and the light-acoustic alarm (siren) is activated, which is capable scare off burglars.

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GSM-systems include a standard kit of detectors. A distinctive feature of such systems is their ability to send an alarm to the owner on the mobile phone.

The most effective is the using of systems with connection to the Central Monitoring Station. In the case of penetration into the apartment and the detector triggering, the alarm signal is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station. For this purpose, various communication channels can be used, such as telephone lines, GSM channels, radio frequency communications, or the Internet. For detention of burglars mobile team of the security company goes to the crime place.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance in online mode, video recording with archiving data on digital storage will also help you protect your property. Such devices as cameras, video recorders, network video recorders, Wi-Fi cameras will help you to be aware of what is happening in your apartment and near it.

There are already prepared video surveillance kits, which also have the function of audio recording. You can connect to a Wi-Fi camera or network DVR remotely using a smartphone or computer.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the most effective protection against burglars will work in the complex, provided that the technical means of protection will be installed by professionals and properly configured, and your apartment will be connected to the Central Monitoring Station.

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