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Warranty period

The warranty applies to all products and is 12 months from the date of sale and registration of the warranty card (the exception is the product, in the guarantee of which a different period is indicated). The guarantee obligation gives the Buyer the right to warranty service during the specified period in cases where its performance is impaired due to a factory defect and the Buyer does not violate the conditions of storage, transportation, commissioning and proper operation of the product.

Warranty service

The goods are accepted for warranty service in the presence of the original filled in warranty card with the seal / signature of the seller and settlement document. Transportation of the defective product to the service center is at the expense of the Buyer.

The term of warranty service depends on the complexity of the repair, but no more than 30 days. If it is impossible to repair the facilities of the service center, the products are sent for repair to the manufacturer. In this case, the Buyer is given for temporary use equipment with similar characteristics, which he is obliged to return after the repair is completed. At the same time, he is fully responsible for the product entrusted to him.

If the goods cannot be repaired, then, by agreement with the Buyer, they can be replaced by a similar one. To replace the goods in this case, it is necessary to provide the goods in full, warranty card and receipt.

The manufacturer does not bear warranty in the following cases:

  • lack of a warranty card or certificate of completion;
  • consumer violation of seals, manufacturer serial numbers;
  • lack of a complete set of the product;
  • the presence of mechanical damage;
  • the presence of foreign objects, liquids, insects, dirt, etc .;
  • the presence of interventions in the independent performance of repair work, or by representatives of third parties;
  • damage caused by the elements, fire, domestic factors, external influences, random external factors (voltage surge in the electric network is above the norm, lightning storm, etc.), as well as violation of the rules of installation or operation of the product;
  • lack of protective grounding of equipment during operation;
  • damage caused by the use of non-standard supplies, adapters and spare parts.