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Country: Ukraine

Manufacturer country: China

The Gazer brand develops high-tech equipment for motorists. The entire production cycle – from software ideas to product design – is carried out within the company.

Gazer is headquartered in London, and its main development center is in Kiev.

The brand began its journey in 2004 with the production of professional video surveillance systems for ATMs. The focus on customer safety determined the fate and further entry of the brand into the car electronics market.

In 2009, the first models of Gazer DVRs appeared on sale, and in 2020 our product line already includes more than 1000 electronic gadgets.

For ten years, Gazer developers have managed to cover almost the entire existing model range of cars.

Founded in: 2004 year

Categories of brand (1):

Car recorders

Total in category: 8 products

Products of brand (8):
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