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Country: Ukraine

Manufacturer country: Ukraine

LOCKER’s brand was born in 2017 with its first anti-theft car key case. Since that time, new protective products have been constantly being developed. Today the assortment includes more than 100 different models.

LOCKER’s has combined a series of protective accessories: shielding cases for smartphones, car keys, passports, bank cards, as well as webcam protection, privacy glass for smartphones, travel cases, shielding boxes and boxes with acoustic interference (ultrasound) for negotiations.

Constantly maintaining feedback from clients, we understand their needs, concerns, wishes. Taking them into account, we regularly expand the range of products in demand. Our developments are unique and have received corresponding patents.

The mission of the company is to provide customers with information security in the smallest detail. By focusing on global challenges, people sometimes forget about the details that are critical. Our goal is to point out these little things and offer the best solution.

The brand’s products are sold in retail outlets throughout Ukraine, as well as in the Russian Federation, the USA, and European countries.

Founded in: 2017 year

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