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Installation of CCTV and access control at Simarco Logistics

Installation of CCTV and access control at Simarco Logistics
Problem: Representatives of the Simarco company asked the installation company DB Security to provide video surveillance and access control systems.

Simarco Logistics is a large international shipping company with offices throughout the UK, a worldwide partners network, 8 major distribution centers, its own vehicles fleet and about 30,000 square meters of warehouses!


About 60 5 MP Partizan IP CCTV cameras, Paxton access control system, intruder and fire alarm, barriers were installed at the facility.

Dome and outdoor IP cameras with a resolution of 5 MP monitor the territory, warehouses and offices of the logistics center.

This facility has a rather large territory, so it is not always possible to lay cable routes. For example, there is a sufficiently large distance between the supports inside the warehouses, therefore, to transfer the image from the cameras, it was decided to use wireless access points in some areas and thus connect them all into the single system.

Several IPS-220X-IR robotic IP cameras with a resolution of 2.0 MP, 20x optical zoom and IR LED up to 200 meters were installed there. CCTV cameras rotate according to the route (track) specified in the program, and they can also be controlled using the PNK-3A-PTZ controller.

For recording and playback of video 32 channels recorders are used.

The results

According to Simarco Logistics reviews – it is now one of their best facilities in terms of the quality of security systems.


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