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Country: USA

Manufacturer country: China

Anviz is the leading brand of converged intelligent security solutions that provide customers with integrated access control, traffic control, video surveillance, alarm and smart building solutions. Thanks to ongoing innovation and core technology development, Anviz is committed to providing customers with a safe, convenient, and comprehensive integration solution. Advanced technology, a rigorous quality control system (according to ISO standards), hassle-free service and support – all this is the key to the company’s success.

Anviz specializes in the development of unified solutions that extend through biometric data, including fingerprint recognition, face detection, surveillance technology and RFID. Combining high quality products and cost effective security solutions, Anviz works with a variety of clients such as government and commercial structures, industrial enterprises, retail, financial institutions, medical, educational and other institutions.

Founded in: 2001 year

Categories of brand (1):

Biometric systems

Total in category: 16 products

Products of brand (16):
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