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Full Energy

Full Energy

Country: China

Manufacturer country: China

Full Energy is a popular brand that manufactures power supplies and batteries. The range of Full Energy will provide trouble-free operation of all your equipment from household appliances and mopeds to uninterruptible power supplies with high energy consumption.

Full Energy power units are suitable for small household appliances, audio and video equipment, and semi-industrial installations with high power consumption.

Batteries for UPS Full Energy will extend the life of your bespereboynik.

At the heart of the brand’s batteries are modern AGM / Li-Ion technologies. They have a number of advantages over the classic lead-acid batteries: they do not require maintenance, are resistant to vibrations and can be installed in almost any position, operate at low temperatures down to -30 ° C. And most importantly – a robust sealed design ensures safe operation, which allows the use of batteries in residential areas.

Founded in: 2016 year

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