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Access control system (Sigur) on poultry factory

Access control system (Sigur) on poultry factory
Problem: To introduce a modern and functional access control system for poultry farms with the ability to control access and monitor the entry of employees, as well as control of working time on all objects of the network

The access control system is based on Sphinx equipment, using Matrix readers that help not only to control the passage of employees entering the territory through a personal card, but also to control their working time.

The capabilities of the ACS:
— Display of full information about the employee on the terminal screen at elevation maps;
— Capability to automatically log in;
— Support for reading maps of different formats;
— Capability to work offline;
— Full data encryption;
— Extension of control functions through software Modules;
— Combining information from all objects to a single server.

The capabilites of the program module “Accounting for working time”:
— Establishment of work schedules for staff;
— Appointment of work schedules for staff;
— Export reports to the 1C accounting system;
— Receive reports for any period based on specified schedules and fixed facts of passage of employees;
— Magazine of breaking schedules (log of absence);
— Unified report of working time;
— Facts of absence during a full working day.

Guarantee for all equipment from one rock in. This system can easily be complemented by expansion modules. Staff training was conducted to minimize the difficulties.

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