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Country: Japan

Manufacturer country: Japan

Panasonic Company was founded in 1918 and is well known in the technology market. One of the areas of work is the production of video surveillance cameras.

The market offers a wide range of video cameras of this brand. And despite the rapid development of modern technology, the range of analog cameras is of continued interest. The principle of their work is based on the conversion of the luminous flux into a signal transmitted via a cable.

The advantages of such equipment include:
— Excellent quality;
— Variety of types and shapes of products;
— Reasonable prices.

Analog equipment has a sufficiently large functionality and provides ample opportunities. This allows you to organize with its help high-quality security systems. Panasonic analog surveillance cameras are in demand in stores, warehouses, hotels. This prevalence of equipment due to a large selection of devices. You can pick up a high-resolution camera, black and white and color. In addition, Panasonic equipment is known for its reliability.

Founded in: 1918 year

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